Will the protein have a negative effect on a male’s potency?

There are a lot of gossip about incompatibility of protein and potency. Some people believe that this bioadditive has a negative effect on potency, others – against this point of view.

Protein is one of the types of sports nutrition, consisting essentially of only protein substance (80-90%). It is used by athletes in order to build muscle. The most popular is whey protein, designed to increase weight, and there are 2 types of it: concentrate and isolate. Egg protein is used to build muscle, and soy is made for vegetarians.

Some people think that this product harms the potency. But research of recent years argue, that high-quality protein does not contain harmful substances for potency. Steroids exert a negative influence on the potency. But it also happens that a man does not take steroids, and still there are problems with potency.

Apparently, we are speaking about a cheap soya protein, which contains phytoestrogens, which are analogous to female sex hormones. They negatively affect the potency. But for this purpose it is necessary to use a large amount of this additive (produced on the basis of soya), to make the potency decrease. That is why you should give preference to whey protein. It is noteworthy that, using a soya product, many men do not notice that they have decreased potency. So, in this situation an important role is played by the individual physiological characteristics of the male organism.

The decrease of potency is affected by physical overload, as well as the inability of men to recover from them. Observance of the sleeping and rest regime – is the main condition for the realization of the program of organism recovery. A significant role in this process is played by the diet, which should strengthen the power. If this does not happen, the potency will subside, and the cause of it is not in the protein.

Many scientific studies claim, that we should replenish protein substance in the body only with natural products. Therefore, we should not use an additive that can harm your health and, therefore, adversely affect your potency.

Are these concepts compatible? Conventional medicine has a positive attitude towards using protein, at the same time it warns about banning it for people with chronic diseases. Attention is paid to the fact that protein does not cause any harm to healthy people, including does not affect the potency. A visit to a doctor should help a man to make a right decision about the additional intake of protein powder.

If you decide to take protein, we should warn you against buying a counterfeit. Do not be tempted by the cheapness of this food supplement, since you can buy soya protein instead of whey, which, indeed, is not always useful and can negatively affect potency. A poor-quality protein reduces sexual attraction, and it should be a signal to abandon it. Then you will return to your previous state. Using of high-quality protein does not justify, that it has negative effect on potency, just as a protein substance in food cannot make a man to become an impotent. If a person is convinced that the protein is useful to him, then it will be so. But if he does not believe in himself and believes in advance that he will become impotent after taking this food supplement, the placebo effect will play its negative role. Men should not succumb to such sentiments and be too hypochondriac.

Every man should remember that in addition to the problem of eating protein, there is a problem of his physical health, which he must take care of every day. Attend the gym, increase physical strength, because healthy lifestyle is in a fashion.

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