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This website aims to provide you with easy to understand and accurate answers to the questions and doubts you have about male sexual impotence.
We are aware that there are a lot of resources on the Internet which guide, inform, advise and bombard you with details of remedies, treatments and cures for male sexual dysfunction, and it became obvious to us that there was a real need for straightforward information to help you become better informed about impotence.
Information is power. Your experience of male sexual impotence can only be made easier if you understand all about it. We try to explain what you need to know clearly and simply. We have done our best to translate technical and medical terms into normal language that everyone can take in, and we have only included relevant facts so that you don’t have to wade through too many pages.
This site provides links to some of the best things we can find which may help you with male sexual dysfunction. We are constantly on the lookout for new and exceptional medical products that have been tried and tested by people like you.
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What Is Male Sexual Dysfunction?

Male sexual impotence, also called as erectile dysfunction (ED), is the inability to maintain an erection long enough to enjoy sexual relations satisfactorily.
It is one of those problems that has been taboo throughout history, although paradoxically there are many men who suffer from it. It would be good to distinguish between a specific situation and something that happens frequently or even whenever you try to maintain relationships.
Sexual impotence is physical, that is, you may have an intense desire to have a sexual encounter, but either you don't get an erection or you don't maintain it to complete the act. How do you know if you have male sexual impotence?
Sex is an important part of life for a large part of the adult population. But not everyone enjoys it as much as they would like. This can happen for a variety of reasons and can lead to marital problems, discouragement, low self-esteem or depression. That's why it's important to treat them once they're detected. So, in this article we're going to look at how to recognize if you have male sexual impotence and what to do if this happens.

What Causes Male Sexual Dysfunction?

There are several causes that can cause ED, some physical and others emotional or mental. Let's look at the main ones:
Age. Age is a determining factor. According to some studies, from the age of 60 up to 40% of men suffer from erectile dysfunction. After the age of 70, however, the number of people affected rises to over 50%. Blood circulation. Different diseases that cause circulatory problems can prevent enough blood from reaching the penis, and therefore an erection can be produced.
Psychological causes. One of the most frequent reasons for dysfunction is psychological problems, from depression to stress. For example, in the latter case, when you have a state of tension the levels of cortisol in the blood increase. The increase of this hormone makes your body ready to overcome a situation of tension, however, at the same time causes that you can not get an erection. Medications. There are some medications that directly cause erection problems. For example, those used for high blood pressure. This is due to the fact that as they lower blood pressure they also reduce blood flow. Something that, as we saw in the previous point, causes less blood to get to the penis and that is why it is difficult to get an erection.
Drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol abuse are never good, and neither in these cases. In fact, contrary to what some people think this type of consumption is one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction.
Unknown origin. Sometimes it is not known the origin of your impotence, may not have it, or that the doctor who treats you has not managed to find out the reason. In these cases it is usually more difficult to find the right treatment.

Treatments for Impotence

The most commonly used treatments for impotence are those that involve the use of some type of medication. They are very effective, but they must always be prescribed by a doctor. Failure to do so can have a totally counterproductive effect and worsen the problem.
Pills. Pills are the most common format for treating impotence. There are different types, so only a doctor can prescribe them. You have to be very strict when it comes to respecting doses. They are ready for an immediate and passing effect, while others are taken more frequently for a longer lasting effect.
Creams. Another of the treatments for impotence that are frequently used is a specially designed cream. It is applied on the penis and within a few minutes an erection is produced. Its duration is limited so it should be used so between 5 and 30 minutes before intercourse.
Injections. A few small injections are administered directly into the penis. The results begin to be noticed in a very short time, so they are a solution to impotence of quick effect.

Tips for Avoiding Sexual Impotence

The best solution for impotence is to have healthy lifestyle habits, thus avoiding physical deterioration, resulting in impotence.
Healthy diet. The excess of fats has a direct relation with the dysfunction. For this reason it is necessary to avoid foods rich in saturated fats, such as industrial pastries, fried foods and so on. It is also necessary to consume enough fruits and vegetables. These will provide the necessary nutrients for the connections between the brain and the penis to take place, and for a correct and lasting erection to take place.
Tobacco and alcohol avoiding. Tobacco use and alcohol abuse have a direct effect on sexual potency. They should be avoided altogether or at least to a reasonable degree to maintain vigor for much longer.
Rest. Rest is extremely important for maintaining sexual activity. Tiredness decreases libido, so you have to get enough sleep a day and try to live as quiet a life as possible. This does not mean that you don't have to have any activity, but that it should not be so strenuous as to diminish or eliminate desire.
Physical activity. Sport helps to improve testosterone levels, directly influence sexual potency. Sport in its right measure is a great ally to avoid impotence. Stress. In order to avoid stress being a cause of impotence it is necessary to be balanced. Having responsibilities and fulfilling them is inevitable and necessary, but if they are too many or too heavy, the brain will prioritize and use the forces in these tasks, neglecting the sexual appetite.

How Do You Know If You Have Sexual Impotence?

Recognizing that one suffers from sexual impotence is difficult not only with one's partner, friends or doctor, but also in front of oneself. Although, as we said before, it is a taboo subject, almost all men, not to say all men, have suffered at some time in their lives a case of punctual impotence, even more than one.
Of course, having one or two episodes does not mean that you suffer from sexual impotence. But watch out, here you have to be very careful. There is a point that we did not mention in the previous section, but it can also be the origin of impotence, oneself.
This reason may have left you a little unsettled, so we will explain below what we mean by this. When you have one or more episodes of impotence and you start thinking about it, you may become convinced that you have male sexual dysfunction, and then you are unable to get an erection. Try to prevent this from happening to you.
One way to know if you suffer from sexual impotence is to try to stimulate yourself sexually, if you are healthy and everything goes well, the erection will come without problem. If you don't get it, and this happens to you for a few days or weeks, and you're that long if you get an erection, you probably have a problem.
Research into male dysfunction is going on all the time and we are keen to bring you details of ground-breaking treatments as they become available, so click here to bookmark this page. As soon as we find something new that’s special we will tell you about it here.

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