Are the products presented in your online pharmacy produced by brand companies or are they substitutes?

Absolutely all preparations are copies of original medicines, that is so-called “generics”.

Why the generics are much cheaper?

Generics are cheaper because subsequent manufacturers do not need to spend money on their development, they work with a ready-made medicinal product, there is no need to prove safety and efficiency in large studies – this was done earlier by the company-developer. That’s why the generic price is much lower. Requirements for the production part, both the original and the generic, must be the same and in practice it is.

Branded factories produce tablets that are rather different from those that you sell. I say this because I received tablets with a different name. Why?

In the production of the original preparation, as a rule, new chemical substances, that are the components of it, are synthesized. But the manufacturer company cannot patent them (more precisely, but not for a long time). They can only patent the name of their drug, as well as its appearance. These components are the property of the manufacturer. Therefore, companies engaged in the production of generic drugs can take the same active ingredients as the basis for their product, which are contained in the original, but the color, the shape of the tablets, even the appearance of the package, must be invented by ourselves. For the above reasons, our customers receive tablets that are different from the original, as they receive a generic.

Can you guarantee 100% quality of the product that you offer?

We value our reputation very much and will never deceive our clients, and, especially, risk another people’s health. Numerous positive feedbacks from our customers confirm that the quality of our products is of the highest class. Medicines are supplied to us from India, where they passed all relevant checks, which are obligatory documented.

How much time can I store the medicine?

All medicines have their own expiration date, which is indicated on each package. On average, drugs are stored for 2 years, after which they must be discarded. Do not take overdue tablets!!!

Please, give the information about the procedure for ordering drugs in your online pharmacy.

You should know, that orders cannot be received by phone, e-mail, or in any other way except directly on the site of our pharmacy.

If you chose our pharmacy, then you will need:

  1. You need to decide on the medicine you need. To start placing an order, you need to click on “buy now”.
  2. Next you are asked to specify how many packs you want to purchase.
  3. After all the above, you must click on “place an order”.
  4. Further you need to specify additional information regarding your order.
  5. Check if you filled out all the fields correctly and placed an order. If everything suits you, feel free to click “confirm the deal”.

How can I pay you for the medicines?

Now, you can pay the order only by credit card, but in the future, it is possible to introduce other payment methods.

When can I get the medicine?

After you have placed an order on our website, the following happens:

Your request is sent to the department to specialists who are reviewing your application in the data center. There they check how the payment is made, after which a parcel is formed, which will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Can I be sure that I can give you confidential credit card information?

Our site rewards our reputation and therefore, the safety of our customers’ data is, perhaps, the highest priority. Protection of personal information is placed at a very high level. At that stage of the order procedure, where a credit card is directly verified, a lock symbol appears, and the page code will begin with “https”. If you see “http” on any site, instead of “https”, then the site is not protected by SSL encryption (the protocol of protected sockets). Also, our specialists who are responsible for information security, almost every day, check our servers for hacker attacks, as well as other threats.

Do you make any discounts to your customers?

Sure. Our system of discounts is very diverse, that has always pleasantly surprised our customers.

Do you deliver your goods to any place on the globe?

We can deliver you medicines wherever you wish, but we want to note that some Asian countries are not available for the delivery of our product.

From where will you send the medicine?

As a rule, most remedies come from India, as they are produced there, but the order can come faster if you are in the country where there are also additional warehouses.

How do you package your goods? The order can be received only by me?

We have always taken care that all transactions with customers occur at full confidentiality, to the extent possible. Your order will be packed in a special envelope and will wait for you in your mailbox. You do not need to personally receive it and sign for receiving the parcel, but this is only possible if the order was sent to you by regular mail.

Can I expect that you will send the medicine on the day of ordering?

Most of the goods that you see on our website are in stock and can be shipped as soon as possible. After a day or two after inspecting and processing all the data, as well as packing, of the goods ordered by you, it can be sent.

How is the delivery carried out?

At this stage, our customers are offered to choose 1 of 3 options for delivery:

  • Delivery can be carried out by Special International Mail, the main advantage of which is the ability to track your order while it is on the road. But in some cases, your order can be sent without a number, which allows you to monitor the movement of your package, while the time of the delivery won’t be changed.
  • Also, we can send your parcel by Standard International Airmail, but in this case, you will not be able to track the way of your parcel.
  • The dispatch of medicines is also carried out by Express International Post.

The time of delivery of a medication is indicated on average. But there are various circumstances, because of which your parcel may linger. As a rule, this happens not through our fault, but through the fault of the customs. Also, the medicine can be delivered longer than the promised time on the eve of major holidays, such as Christmas or New Year. Our online pharmacy is not responsible for all the above circumstances.

What is the price of the delivery?

It cannot be said unequivocally, since each order is evaluated individually. It all depends on the postal service chosen by you, as well as the country in which the medicine should be delivered. All the details regarding the price you can find on the website when placing an order.

Does it happen that the customs service delays the order?

Yes. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens, but not often. If this happens, you will be informed. You will be informed in any way that you need to arrive at the customs and allow you to open your parcel. Then you will be immediately allowed to receive it. If after the opening of the parcel the customs service is not satisfied, and you will have problems, you should immediately inform us, and after that all the problems will be solved.

What should I do if my package is damaged or is something lost along the way?

In our practice, such situations are extremely rare, but if this happens, you should contact the support service that is on our site and leave a request regarding the problem. We will crack the situation and send you a new parcel, or we will refund your money. To learn more about the solutions to this problem, read our policy. Also, very rarely the postal service can damage and not one package, that is, we want to note that you will receive more than one package if you order many tablets.

How much does the re-dispensing of medicines cost in your online pharmacy?

In a certain situation, if you have to send the parcel again, we will not take any payment from you. This will be at our expense.

I would like to track my order along the way, that is, check its status. What should I do?

The first thing that you need to do is contacting our customer support service, which is on our website, there you will be prompted how to proceed. But it should be noted that it all depends on what postal service you chose to forward the goods, because not all services allow you to track the goods on the road.

I need to change some information that I provided when ordering. I hope you have not sent the parcel yet. What should I do?

You should contact our support service on our website, after that you will find a way out of the situation.

I have a situation that I must cancel my order. Tell me, what should I do?

You should familiarize yourself with the rules of reimbursement of goods, which are presented on the website of our pharmacy.

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