What’s the impact of various foods on the men’s potency?


This type of goods has lots of vitamins and minerals, such as zinc and selenium. They play an important role in the sexual function of a man. The greatest effect is found in flounders, crawfishes, shrimps, salmons, and squids. The key useful elements of fatty fish are amino acids (Omega-3, 6). They help produce testosterone in the man’s organism.


Almost all the nuts contain certain useful elements. Among the nuts, which contain the greatest amount of minerals, vitamins, vegetable proteins, oils, and fiber, we can mention almond, pistachio, pine nut, and walnut. Their composition is very rich. Besides the described substances, they also contain arginine (the vital amino acid able to intensify the circulation of the blood making a positive effect on the erection). What is more, nuts are used as a powerful folk remedy to improve the potency. It is required mixing pounded nuts (including a walnut) with the honey. In order to reach the effect, just take 2 teaspoons of the mixture 4 hours before going to bed.


The wonderful effect of the greens (for instance, parsley) was discovered a long time ago. They are able to improve the men’s potency thanks to their composition. Parsley contains apigenin – a component reducing the woman’s hormones generation, which in their turn might have a negative impact on the testosterone production. Moreover, parsley can prevent prostatitis. Besides parsley, other greens such as onion, cilantro or spinach are also useful and contain not just vitamins but also analogs of the sex hormones.


This is a nice food, which contains plenty of vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, and other elements. Eggs have cholesterol in their composition, which is essential for building sex hormones. Thus, if the cholesterol level decreases, the testosterone level decreases as well. At the same time, too big amount of cholesterol is also bad as it can be deposited in the vessels leading to their occlusion and atherosclerosis.

The specialists do not recommend eating raw eggs, as there are microbes and even salmonella on their shell. There are also disputes among the specialists on the issue of eggs consumption. Some of them are sure it is enough to eat 2 eggs every 2 days, while the others say that it is recommended to eat them every day because they have substances regulating the level of cholesterol in their composition.

Garlic & onion

Onion & garlic are useful products, which can improve the circulation of the blood to the penis. The other functions include:

  • potency improvement
  • prevention of prostatitis
  • activation of testosterone production
  • anti-bacterial action helping fight against bacterial diseases.

Besides, these products contain plenty of minerals and vitamins. As for the garlic, it has selenium in its composition. It plays a key role in the man’s organism. The ability to increase sexual attraction made the monasteries forbid eating those foods.


Even in the past, meat considered to be the principal source of the man’s power. This product has plenty of protein and amino acids in its composition. Nevertheless, the consumption should be controlled. Otherwise, you might suffer from the obesity because meat contains lots of fats and cholesterol. It is advisable to consume lean meat, which is healthier (for instance, beef, chicken or rabbit).

Celery & ginger

These roots help improve the health. The first one is useful because of the sex hormone (androsterone) in a composition. It is necessary for the erection and responsible for the secondary sexual structures. Celery & ginger contain lots of minerals and vitamins for the potency. They are frequently applied as a preventive measure against prostatitis.

Oysters & mussels

Oysters have lots of protein in the composition. In order to believe in their effect, you can just remember the example of Casanova, who has consumed 50 oysters every day. The mussels contain the big amount of zinc, which is able to make the erectile function better. Moreover, the scientists have discovered the presence of amino acids able to activate the production of the hormones. The greatest effect can be achieved only if you eat raw mussels and oysters. The other research has proved that the most significant amount of amino acids can be found in the mussels in spring, as this season is a period of their reproduction.

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