What will tobacco do with the power of a man?

More than 50% of men in developing countries and 35% in developed countries smoke every day. We all know that this habit is a serious problem, but did you know that all men smokers are 30% more likely to deal with impotence? While individuals who smoke 20 cigarettes or more have a 60% chance to suffer from it.

Without a doubt, smoking is a huge problem for both men and women, but in this article, we will focus on how smoking affects potency, how the two concepts of smoking and potency are related.

How does the smoking affect your sexual power?

The destructive work of the harmful factors of smoking goes in three directions. The first is the dystonia of the vessels. The erection depends directly on the condition and tone of the vessels – the cavernous bodies must be actively and filled to ensure a complete erection. The spasm of the blood vessels under the influence of nicotine does not contribute to this.

The second pathological factor – the formation of atherosclerotic plaque on the vessel walls – smoking and atherosclerosis are straightforward and unambiguous. In these conditions, the vessels appear to be filled, but because of the “filling” of their plates, complete filling does not occur, erectile dysfunction is not expected.

And, finally, the third factor is the impact of lack of sexual activity (due to a reduction in erection, failures) in the production of hormones. There is no sex life – there is not enough hormone production: everything is provided in the body. In fact, why should the endocrine system function fully, if sexual life is very conditional?

You cannot neglect the mental component: failure reduces desire, complexes form that affects again the production of sexual hormones in the man’s body.

The surrender of smoking improves your power

Each of us has a completely mundane question: why are not all smokers helpless? Why does nobody on his own example see a direct link, apparently, between smoking and power? First, the safety factor of the human body plays a role. Second – the individual factors. In some people the endocrine and sexual glands can work in full strength, even under conditions of hypoxic stress, and someone is not present.

Age, general health, the experience of smoking, its activity – all this also differs from person to person. But immediately it becomes obvious the positive effect of quitting on power, it is only necessary to stop smoking. At first, the code “crazy” for the cigarette-free joy of the body comes to life, it seems that everything has only worsened: irritability, pain, nervousness – where even here libido and sex.

But after a month, when the vessels arrive at a normal tone, the changes are noticeable: the erection has become more confident, the intercourse has become longer, the desire appears more often, and it is more pronounced. Thus, the power after leaving is restored precisely by eliminating the harmful and pathological factors of the tobacco woman and nicotine.

The influence on the male potency of the using of marijuana

And what about the smokers of “ganja.” Similarly, the smoke, in fact, does not care what it is made of. A large amount of harmful substances of combustion, one way or another sooner or later, but will affect the ships.

There is another effect that we don’t always remember when we talk about the so-called “benefits” of smoking marijuana – relaxation, laziness and what is now called nihilism. No desire – well, don’t do it. It didn’t work, hang on, relax. Meanwhile, the body is already undergoing a hormonal restructuring, at the level of physiological reactions: there is no need – no hormones.

Finally, many who smoke “grass” find difficulties with ejaculations, when the sexual act does not end with the ejection of sperm and orgasm, and this seemingly endless process runs out of exhaustion but without pleasure. Another typical complaint is pain with ejaculation, which also doesn’t add to the attraction of the intercourse.

How can a man restore the power?

So, it was decided: quit smoking and restore power. So how and so what? Firstly, nothing. Just stop. Viagra and its analogues containing the Sildenafil are categorically prohibited. Exhausted vessels can give an unpredictable response to stimulants of vascular tone.

With proper nutrition, normal sleep, and adequate rest, the vascular tone will be completely restored and your power will get back to normal. This will take 2 to 3 months to a maximum of half a year. This is the true power of the human body; its reserves will overcome any serious health problems, including smoke-related power disorders.

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