What is Generic Levitra

generic levitraAging often means loss of former capacity. This refers to all the parts of life, including the sexual one. Male impotence is one of the problems that spoil the life even of a very rich and successful man. What exactly weakens the prostate? Let’s figure it out. The most important reason and the most natural is an unstable sex life, especially after thirty years. The second, very significant factor is the transferred diseases of a venereal nature, and the severity of the disease, the number of diseases. Despite the fact that the illness has long been cured, it will leave its imprint on the potency. Another serious factor that affects potency is incorrectly cured or not treated diseases of a urological nature: urethritis, prostatitis, vesiculitis, orchitis epididymitis. Also, it is worth highlighting the following ailments and factors affecting the potency:

  • ischemia of the heart.
  • arterial hypertension.
  • diseases of the endocrine system.
  • diabetes mellitus.
  • prostatic hyperplasia (prostate adenoma).
  • diseases associated with the psyche and neurology.
  • consequences of taking certain medicines.
  • bad habits.
  • hypodynamia, leading to stagnation of blood.
  • stressful situations.
  • influence of the environment.
  • unbalanced nutrition.
  • lack of sleep.

People who did not undergo at least one of these factors are only a few. Therefore, it is three times important to know these factors and be able to avoid them. Thus, all men, especially those whose age is approaching or crossing the forty-year boundary, it is necessary to visit the office of the urologist or at least a therapist for a scheduled examination once a year to avoid any frustration. At the same time, to date, only 10% of men seek medical help if there are any problems, while the remaining 90% put an end to their sexual life or begin zealously absorbing stimulants and artificial pathogens.

Generic Levitra is the Males’ Secret

The doctors say that a man over 35 must have at least 100 ejaculations per year; otherwise he is threatened with myocardial infarction. Unfortunately, it is in middle age that the probability of weakening the potency is high, which, incidentally, occurs in 20-year-olds (21% of cases). Is it vital to put up with the situation and deny yourself the joys of life? Producers of generic Levitra are sure that impotence if it is not associated with endocrine and vascular disorders, is cured after several doses of the drug. It sounds paradoxical.

The drug is produced in tablets, created by German and English doctors. They are ten times more effective than Viagra and Cialis, and a powerful erection for 5-12 hours gives every man the opportunity to feel an energetic and tireless lover. Another nice detail of the drug – it can be bought in any pharmacy, it starts to work in 15 minutes after the intake so that you can plan love dates without fear of failure! No side effects of the drug are observed, compatibility with all types of food and alcohol is excellent, and that is, there is no need to keep a diet. Yes, and what kind of diet can be if so it is necessary to refuse everything in itself …

This generic is a 100% analog of the brand version of the drug with one valuable advantage – its cost is several times smaller than the original. The fact is that generic manufacturers do not invest in scientific development and clinical trials – they get a ready-made formula of the drug, so they have the opportunity to sell it at a lower price. For consumers, there is no difference, because the composition of the brand and its analog do not differ from each other. According to men who used different drugs, this remedy helps even in cases where the original drugs are powerless.

More than half of patients suffering from potency disorders note that after several receptions of the medication they became more self-confident, and sexual problems were resolved without medical intervention. The beneficial effect of the drug was indicated by 70% of men undergoing surgery on the prostate gland and 72% of patients with diabetes. Generic Levitra can be bought both online and at any local pharmacy at a very affordable price.

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