What effect does diabetes have on a man’s power?

Many men and their sexual partners are interested in the question of whether diabetes and male potency are related? To date, patients with diabetes mellitus can get rid of erectile dysfunction, using modern methods of treatment.

Diabetes mellitus and male potency

We can say for sure that diabetes affects power. If you believe the statistics, about a quarter of men who suffer from this disease have power disorders. As you know, such a disease, like diabetes, affects the work of the blood vessels.

Due to the fact that the blood circulation is disrupted in the body, during the excitement the sexual organ is not filled with blood to the appropriate extent, it causes a weak erection, and the sexual act can not be prolonged.

Secondly, the effect of diabetes on potency is real due to the fact that the disease itself affects hormonal balance and testosterone level. And as you know, it depends on the normal functioning of the reproductive system. There are various negative consequences of a sharp increase or decrease in glucose levels. If there is a sharp drop in the level of sugar in the blood, it negatively affects the work of the centers of the brain. Thus, the disease causes prolonged ejaculation or a complete absence of ejaculation. Such a violation of the necessary nutrition of the brain often causes the disappearance of sexual desire.

In turn, increased blood sugar levels help slow down the work of the nerve endings that lead to the penis. As a result, in men, the sensitivity of the scrotum, perineum and penis head decreases. In addition, hyperglycemia lowers testosterone levels.

The treatment of impotence among men who have diabetes

There are different ways for the power of men. Increasing the power in diabetes mellitus or getting rid of the problem completely with erectile dysfunction can be in various ways.

First of all, it is the compensation of diabetes and the prevention of its complications. In this case, the patient is advised to stop smoking, start controlling weight, normalize cholesterol metabolism, stabilize blood pressure.

After that, it is necessary to resort to the elimination of the psychological problems, since often the patient has the chronic stress, and it is necessary to head off it, to restore the normal power.

Other treatment options:

  • Stabilization of the evolution of the disease, where the main thing is the normalization of the blood sugar level. The elimination of excess body weight: frequent consumption of food, but in small quantities, limited consumption of animal fats. It is better to consume carbohydrates before sex, to compensate for the energy expended. Everyday exercises. Smoking cessation. Regular monitoring of blood pressure and testosterone levels.
  • Medical treatment. Often, to fight against erectile dysfunction Cialis is prescribed, Viagra or Levitra, which increases blood flow to the penis, but they also have dangerous side effects – an excessive stress on the heart, which is contraindicated in diabetic patients, so before taking these drugs you should consult a doctor.

In critical cases, such as a severe form of vascular impotence, in which the blood circulation is so violated in the genitals that an erection is impossible, doctors can propose a surgical method of treatment. In this case, a microvascular surgery is performed, which allows to restore a normal blood supply, the implantation of different implants.

One of the main problems of diabetics among men is impotence. According to statistics, more than half of diabetics suffer from a weakening of erectile function, with more than 10% of men seeking treatment for impotence diagnosed with diabetes. The treatment of impotence related to diabetes should be complete and step by step. First of all you have to visit an endocrinologist or an urologist and follow the strict recommendations of experts.

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