The appearance of an odious and effective medicine against bad erection

The third “haphazard” discovery after penicillin and X-rays was the discovery of the sildenafil substance, which was later released under the patented name “Viagra“. Penicillin and X-ray discoverers rewarded by the Nobel Prize. The same high price in the fall of 1998 was awarded to researchers who discovered the properties of this medicine.

The story of “Viagra” began in England, in the city of Pfizers in 1992. To date, Pfizer has conducted pharmacological studies and clinical trials on sildenafil citrate – a new remedy. The purpose of these trials was to develop a new way in which certain heart diseases would be cured.

The sildenafil has been developed to treat heart disease

According to scientists, sildenafil should have helped people with hypertension and angina. With its help, blood flow to the heart muscle should increase, and blood pressure will decrease. However, as a result, it appeared that “Viagra” has no expected effect on blood pressure or blood flow in the heart muscle. However, once the tests were completed, the majority of the men who participated in the studies refused to return the sildenafil tablets to the scientists.

The scientists, without discovering the reason for this phenomenon, began to investigate these men. As a result of the investigation, it was found that these men noticed that after taking the medicine, they improved the quality of the erection. It turned out that instead of the flow of blood to the heart muscle, sildenafil induced a very tangible blood flow to the male genitalia. The remedy started working about an hour after taking. If the tablet was taken after the fatty food, its action was put back a bit. Employees at Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company immediately understood the economic benefits that this invention would bring them, so they continued their education because they saw it as a powerful tool for erectile dysfunction.

The appearance of the famous name

The new medicine has been named “Viagra”. It’s a mix of the words “Vigor” – energy, strength and “Niagara” – the largest waterfall in North America. In 1993, clinical trials of the medicine resumed, as it was now necessary to confirm its new properties. In 1996, Viagra was patented. The high efficacy of Viagra in the treatment of impotence, as well as its absolute safety, has been proven by new trials.

On March 27, 1998, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the use of Viagra as a cure. This happened only two years after its discovery, which is a very short term in the pharmaceutical industry. The inventors of Viagra are Peter Dana and Albert Wood. The effectiveness of generic Viagra has been tested on 3000 men from different countries of the world from 19 to 87 years. Erectile dysfunction in these patients was observed from months to twenty-six years, and on average – about five years. The impossibility of erection was caused by psychological problems, and also because of general health problems.

All clinical tests and long experiments gave a positive result

As a result of the new study, it has been proven that “Sildenafil” is an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction. In addition, the drug eliminates sexual problems: patients have increased the number of successful sexual acts. These results were obtained from people who participated in the experiment, who, besides erectile dysfunction, had other health problems, and with Viagra, they took other medications. “Viagra” was immediately successful. For the first year, the amount received from the sale of pills for men, which cost $ 8 to $ 10 in pharmacy, was more than $ 1 million.

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