Professional Pack

professional packProfessional Pack contains 2 drugs: Cialis Professional and Viagra Professional. These medicines are dissolved under the tongue. Accordingly, this pack is ideal for those men who do not like to swallow pills, as well as those who want to get a quick erection, because with resorption under the tongue, the active ingredients get into the blood faster. You can buy this drug in this online pharmacy without prescription. We have the lowest prices and the highest quality of medicines.

Cialis Professional

Cialis Professional is a stronger and more effective medicine than regular Cialis, as these tablets are dissolved under the tongue. This allows you to get faster results in a short period of time. The main component Tadalafil strengthens the erection by dilating the blood vessels of the penis.

These tablets should be taken orally (in this case, the medicine can be absorbed under the tongue), not more than one tablet per day. The action of Cialis Professional is trouble-free, no age restrictions, no addiction. Cialis Professional effects on the body for 36 hours, during this time there can be more than 10 erections, the duration of intercourse is at least 30 minutes.

Cialis Professional prepares the body for sex, the speed of excitability increases significantly, the man becomes more enduring. This magic tool allows men to become confident in their abilities and forget about their past failures in bed.

Package -mg

20 tablets
Price: $59.95
Per tablet: $3.00
40 tablets
Price: $99.95
Per tablet: $2.50
Viagra Soft 100mg × 4 pills for free!
60 tablets
Price: $119.95
Per tablet: $2.00
Viagra Soft 100mg × 4 pills for free!

Viagra Professional

Viagra Professional is the most effective Indian medicine that will help get rid of impotence, improve erection and prolong sexual intercourse up to an hour, while there may be up to five acts after taking 1 pill. Viagra Professional improves blood flow in the male penis, as a result, it strengthens the erection. A positive result is associated with accelerated blood flow to the penis, and it increases in size due to this, the duration of erection is ensured.

Viagra Professional, produced in India, should be taken 1 tablet per day, washing down with water or dissolving under the tongue. The tablet is pleasant to the taste, does not cause nausea and gag reflexes.

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