Light Pack

light packLight Pack consists of 2 drugs: Viagra 50 mg and Cialis 10 mg. This pack is designed for those men who for some reasons can’t take the maximum dosage of the above drugs. You can buy them online and at a low price without prescription.

Viagra 50 mg

Viagra 50 mg – pills aimed at restoring and maintaining potency of men of different ages. It is also successfully used in the treatment of impotence and sexual dysfunction. The pills from India have a tonic effect on the reproductive system. The tablets improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Also, the medicine simplifies and accelerates the formation of erections.

The pills strengthen the sensory acuity. They increase the duration of sex; help to normalize sexual activity during stress, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue and maintaining a sedentary lifestyle. The medicine represents the optimal dosage of Viagra pills. Valid for 6 hours. It increases the duration of sex up to 80 minutes or more. Unlike the original drug, it has a non-proprietary name and you can buy it at a price almost three times lower. The effect is the same.

Package -mg

20 tablets
Price: $29.95
Per tablet: $1.50
40 tablets
Price: $49.95
Per tablet: $1.25
Viagra Soft 100mg × 4 pills for free!
60 tablets
Price: $59.95
Per tablet: $1.00
Viagra Soft 100mg × 4 pills for free!

Cialis 10 mg

Cialis 10 mg – a medicine aimed to enhance erection, the sexual activity of men and to increase the duration of sex. It perfectly increases the potency. The Indian remedy has a tonic effect on the reproductive system. It is the optimal dosage of Cialis tablets. Valid for 36 hours. It can cause from 7 to 10 erections with a duration of up to 120 minutes.

Cialis 10 mg is produced in India. You can buy it online under a non-patented name and its price is much lower than the price of original medicine, although it has the same power of action, the same composition and is allowed for use by all men over 18 years old. The recommended dosage of Tadalafil 10 mg is 1 tablet per day. It can’t be combined with nitrates. It is prohibited to take the medicine with antibiotics and sleeping pills.

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