How will sexual abstinence affect male sexual health?

Both the benefits and the harm of sexual abstinence are often exaggerated, as some men easily tolerate abstinence, and it is difficult enough for them to maintain too intense a sex life, while others lead a very active sex life and it is very difficult for them to give up sex. That is why the benefits and harms of sex for each person will have different meanings.

The sexual retardation has a bad effect on the nervous system

So, if the sexual desire of a man is not pronounced, then abstinence will be much easier to transfer, otherwise everything will happen the other way round.

If a man has a tendency to neurotic reactions, then “frequent” sex and abstinence will cause a neurotic state: irritability will increase, a bad mood will appear, uncontrollable quick temper will arise, and aggression may even appear.

In cases where a man has any inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, prolonged abstinence will exacerbate these diseases. Of course, too active sex life will also exacerbate, so here you need to know the measure. Many psychologists and sexologists say that very long abstinence causes great harm to health. It should be noted that this is about people in their prime. Long abstinence can be the cause of physical and mental disorders.

The main cause of depression – the lack of sex

So, male abstinence can lead to a deep depression. Sex can be called a process of a physiological nature, which can effectively deal with stress. The hormone of happiness (endorphin) is thrown away in the blood during sex, which is required by man to maintain a good mood. Of course, with abstinence, sex can be replaced by sports or chocolate, which will also contribute to the production of endorphins, but such “unnatural” surrogates won’t be able to replace real sex for a long time.

Everything depends on the level of the hormones in the blood

If a man’s sexual desire is poorly expressed, then he can refrain from sexual relations for a very long time. If the sexual desire is expressed very strongly, then with abstinence there will always be a dissatisfaction of the man: there will be nervous states that depress the psyche, sexual and emotional disorders.

Long-term renunciation of sexual relations is dangerous with accelerated ejaculation and the development of prostatitis.

The older a man, the more useful it is to have sex

The degree of harm from abstinence also depends on the age of the man: the older the man, the more unreasonable and prolonged sexual limitation will be more dangerous for him. With constant abstinence in men after 40-a stagnation, prostatitis, adenoma may develop, and the risk of malignant tumors of the pelvic organs increases significantly. So, regular sexual relations of a man can become a pledge of healthy old age.

There is no benefit from abstinence. The only reason that a man can resort to abstinence is separation from his wife or girlfriend. Of course, abstinence from chaotic and fleeting sexual contacts will save a man from other, more serious diseases.

After a long delay from sex, it takes time to recover

After the abstinence, the duration of sexual intercourse can be reduced in several times. It will be easy to restore: the function is gradually restored by itself, if to start systematically having sex again. Furthermore, every man has an individual time to return to the usual mode of sexual activity: for some, it can be two days, and for others a whole month. That is why, don’t be scared, if after abstinence everything doesn’t turn out “smoothly”.

Abstinence is the process of turning of the sexuality. In this process, there is usually such a dynamics: in the very beginning, when sexual intercourse was stopped, a man may experience relief and rest, then an increase in sexual desire begins, which causes discomfort, because it can’t be satisfied. If abstinence continues, then “suffering” gradually begins to decrease and a phenomenon occurs that is caused by redirecting the energy of sexual desire to achieve completely different, higher goals. So, abstinence in men can be an impetus in work and business, as all the forces will go exactly there.

If you have no sex, creativity will help you, and, of course, religion

The prolonged absence of sexual intercourse can be the cause of the loss of self-confidence and a psychological barrier that will “repel” the man from new sexual acts. There is no doubt: a man who lives a full life, will accept easier new sexual partners.

In general, the problem of abstinence is purely individual, so a man must first of all pay attention on his state of health. If there is no discomfort with abstinence, then a man will be able to live a long time without sex.

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