How to learn to prolong intimacy?

Every man wants his sexual partner to experience an orgasm – the more the merrier. The thing is, some women can quickly achieve an orgasm, but others take a lot more effort to get it. This is exactly what makes it difficult to please every woman out there. The trick to making it all happen is to learn not to cum too quickly. It is not enough just to know how to insert a penis, the idea is to learn how to maneuver it. Here, we will talk about one of the most commonly asked questions for men and those are “Why do I cum too quickly? How can I hold the moment of ejaculation? Is there anything that can help me solve this problem for good?” Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about prolonged intimacy and what are the tricks for longer sex.

What every man should know?

Many different ways can help men extend the duration of sexual intercourse. While some methods may prove more useful than others, the effects of these methods often depend on the individual.

The easiest way to prolong the moment of ejaculation is to buy special grease or condom with an anesthetic. These products are available for purchase in a pharmacy or specialized sex store. With the help of such products, you can very easily extend the duration of sex by at least ten minutes. But, there is one thing to have in mind that many men often ignore, and that is the time it takes for the products to take effect. Every time you apply or use these products, the effect won’t immediately kick-off, instead, you will have to wait a bit.

Another excellent ingredient you can use for prolonging sexual intercourse is oak tree. What makes this method stand out are the compounds – this is a completely natural remedy. To use it, simply make a decoction of oak bark and drink it. Oak bark contains a large amount of thiamine, which inhibits the activity of the nerve endings in the genitals. This will, in turn, force the excitation to come more slowly. In other words, this decoction will extend the moment of ejaculation much longer than usual.

Oak tree is not the only ingredient that can be used as a natural remedy for prolonged sex, currant and raspberry leaves can make an excellent addition to your remedy collection as well. If you don’t want to cum too quickly, just add these ingredients to your food whenever you feel like it.

All men have heard about the positive properties of alcoholic beverages; they can help individuals hold the moment of ejaculation. This is an incentive for men to use anything with a bit of alcohol before sex. However, this method can backfire if you drink too much alcohol. While the effects of such beverages can be beneficial, they have to be consumed in very small amounts to kick-start your sex drive, not to overwhelm it. Too much alcohol can oppress your sexual functions and cause a rapid ejaculation. In other words, the quantity and the quality of alcoholic beverages matters, and in this case, too much can have very negative results, especially after some time.

A couple of handy tricks

Aside from using special lubricants, condoms, alcoholic beverages or medicinal herbs, there are some other methods to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse.

If during intimacy you feel that the orgasm has already come too close, then you need to slow down the pace and then speed it up again. Sometimes a change of pace and slow movements may delay the onset of ejaculation. The easiest way to regulate your pace is when your partner is on top. This position allows for better control and gives the man an opportunity not to ejaculate too quickly.

Also, the moment when you feel that you will cum very soon, you should sharply remove the penis from the vagina and squeeze it at the base. Such an unexpected method will switch the brain receptors and consider it a stressful pinch. In other words, this is a quick way to distract the penis from ejaculating so that you can continue to have sex.

A very similar method is to pull the scrotum away from the body. For any man who feels as if they will cum too soon, grasping between the testicles with the index finger and thumb, and pulling it down can be immensely helpful.

If you feel you will orgasm in seconds, you should try to quickly imagine something that is not related to sex. But, try not to let your thoughts wander too much, if you lose focus, the erection can completely disappear. The key to making it work is to think about something else that has nothing to do with sex or your partner. This will switch the brain and give you more time to enjoy sex before ejaculating.

Another great method to prolong sex is to have frequent intercourse. Just try to have sex very often. How can a man learn not to cum too quickly, if he has sex very rarely? Yes, it is not easy, indeed. Anyone who doesn’t have enough sex is more likely to cum too quickly, but if you have regular sex, it can be much easier to navigate this problem.

Finally, we would like to give a few caution tips for men to avoid harming the penis when trying some of these tricks. Do not pinch the urethra with your hand. If you do it too often, it can lead to stagnation in the prostate gland, and it can cause chronic prostatitis. It also affects the functioning of the sphincter apparatus of the prostate and may contribute to the occurrence of retrograde ejaculation.


All in all, it takes a bit of effort to achieve favorable results for any man who wants to prolong ejaculation and these tricks can help you do it. For more positive results, it is better to try to devote more time to various preludes, oral caresses, stroking the erogenous zones of a girl, and then, during intimacy, she will be able to achieve an orgasm much more quickly, and you will not have to try too hard hold the ejaculation.

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