How to learn to prolong intimacy?

Any man wants his sexual partner to be able to feel a real orgasm in bed with him, or better even if not one. However, some women need more time in order to achieve orgasm but at the same time, others need quite a bit. For this reason, men are very often interested how they can learn not to cum too quickly. It is not enough just to know how to insert a penis. Let us talk about this now. Men often ask themselves: “Why do I cum too quickly? How can I hold the moment of ejaculation?  What methods can help me and what means can be useful for me to solve this problem?” Well, let us talk about everything in order!

What every man should know?

Many years of experience of men indicates that there are different means that allow them to extend the duration of sexual intercourse.

The easiest way to move the moment of ejaculation is to buy a special grease or special condom with an anesthetic in a pharmacy or specialized store. Thus, you can very easily extend the time of your sex by at least ten minutes. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that to improve the effect of these means, you just have to wait a bit, because the anesthetic does not start acting immediately.

Another good thing, and note, that it is a natural remedy for prolonging sexual intercourse, is oak tea. Make yourself a decoction of oak bark and drink it. Oak bark contains a large amount of thiamine, which inhibits the activity of nerve endings in the genitals. Consequently, the excitation will come more slowly, which means that the moment of ejaculation will occur much later than usual.

There are other means of natural origin – currant and raspberries leaves. They must be added to food in order not to cum too quickly.

All men have heard about the properties of alcoholic beverages, which can help them hold the moment of ejaculation. This is an incentive for men to use anything alcohol before sex. However, this method can be replaced by the oppression of your sexual functions soon. There can be complaints about an insufficiently strong erection and too rapid ejaculation. That is, wishing to extend your sexual intercourse, you risk to get a completely opposite result after some time.

There are a few small tricks.

In addition to various useful means, such as special lubricants, condoms and alcoholic beverages or medicinal herbs, there are some other methods to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse.

If during the intimacy you feel that the orgasm has already come close, then you need to slow down the pace and then speed up again. Sometimes a change in the pace of movement may delay the onset of ejaculation. It’s easiest way to regulate your pace when your partner is on top, and the man has the opportunity not to end as long as possible in this position.

Also, at the moment when you feel that you will cum very soon, you should sharply remove the penis from the vagina and squeeze it at the base. Such an unexpected method of stimulation is able to switch the brain to a stressful area, to a completely different regime, thus distracting it and after that sex can be continued.

A very similar method is to pull the scrotum away from the body. Feeling that you will cum soon, grasp between the testicles with your index finger and thumb, and pull it down.

Feeling the speedy approaching of orgasm, try to quickly imagine something that is not related to sex. Everyone can see their own images but the main thing is to be careful, because after your turbulent imagination the erection can disappear at all. You should stimulate your brain and do not think about your partner or about sex. The brain will be switched, which will give you the opportunity to hold the ejaculation as long as possible.

Frequent sex is the best way to learn not to cum as long as possible! Just try to have sex very often. How can a man lean not to cum too quickly, if he has intimacy very rarely? Yes, it is not easy, indeed. This fact is well known to geologists and seafarers of long-distance navigation, who are not too spoiled by women’s attention because of the specifics of their profession. It is necessary to strive for regularly intimacy with your woman.

Also, we would like to caution the men what is undesirable to do not to cum too quickly. Do not pinch the urethra with your hand. If you perform this action too often, it is quite capable of leading to stagnation in the prostate gland. This is the cause of chronic prostatitis. It also affects the functioning of the sphincter apparatus of the prostate and may contribute to the occurrence of retrograde ejaculation.


In conclusion, we would like to say, that it is better to try to devote more time to various preludes, oral caresses, stroking the erogenous zones of a girl, and then, during intimacy, she will be able to achieve an orgasm much more quickly, and you will not have to try to hold the ejaculation.

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