How does cycling affect libido and sexual health?

When the first case of a violation of potency because of the enthusiasm for cycling was confirmed by physicians, the statements of the expert on erectile dysfunction of the University of Boston became widely quoted in the press that riding a bicycle can lead to a breakdown in erection and potency. If a man wants to enjoy sex life, he should give up this kind of sport. In 1997, a study of men was conducted at the Boston University, among which were cyclists. And the relationship between erectile dysfunction and this sport has been confirmed. The cyclists complained of numbness of the perineum, penis, the appearance of problems with urination, as well as the violation of erectile function.

What do scientists tell us about?

The following studies have proved that the problem is not so much riding a bicycle as in the type of seats. Dangerous were hard seats, which for several hours just compress the crotch area, that is, they exert constant pressure. During a long ride a man squeezes important vessels, this applies to arteries and veins to the same extent, as well as nerve endings and trunks, based on which the realization of normal sexual function depends. Thus, the doctors, in conjunction with the manufacturers of bicycle seats, developed new equipment options to minimize pressure on the crotch as well as seats with soft upholstery. This significantly reduces the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Despite this, the person behind the bicycle is always in motion, and the most active part is the lower one. Therefore, stagnation of blood with reasonable use of a bicycle is not threatened.

Another risk when riding a bicycle is to catch a bladder. Shorts for bicyclists are made of thin fabric, the bottom of the stomach remains without warm protection, which is very dangerous, since active movements always lead to sweating. There is a way out of the situation – you must dress according to the weather, do not try to climb into an easy form in the spring. It would be nice to get a special windbreaker for cycling, which covers not only the back, but also the lower abdomen.

The reverse situation is during the heat wave. In this period, it is necessary to wear light shorts, protection for the perineum, so that the external genitalia are not peril. As is known, high temperature is extremely dangerous for spermatozoa, this can subsequently negatively affect the genital function

Biking can improve your erection

Of course, not all cyclists risk earning impotence or erectile dysfunction, as not all smokers have lung cancer. Nevertheless, the use of a normal seat is still a weighty risk factor. How else does cycling affect the sex organs? Attention to your health should be paid to men with excessive body weight, which creates additional pressure on the crotch, as well as those who are used to leaning forward, as if lying on the steering wheel.

A very important role in the issue of influence on the childbearing function when practicing in a cycling is played by the cyclist’s experience. The higher it is, the less chance to harm his own health. An experienced cyclist can not only correctly expose the saddle, but also completely disassemble and assemble his bike, which gives him a significant advantage over an inexperienced colleague. An inexperienced person has more chances to harm himself and others.

This, perhaps, is all that can be said about the bicycle and potency. There is nothing to worry about if you approach the process wisely. Hundreds of thousands of cyclists spend hundreds of thousands of hours in the saddle and everyone has wives and children. It is possible that a certain percentage of these children are not despite, but thanks to a cycling, because the benefits of riding for the intimate sphere, as already mentioned, are.

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