Active Pack

active packActive Pack contains 2 drugs – Viagra Super Active and Cialis Super Active. You can buy this pack in this online pharmacy and at a very low price without prescription, because it is more profitable to buy 2 types of tablets together, that is, in the form of an Active Pack, than separately.

Viagra Super Active

Indian Viagra capsules – a new drug for improving sexual activity in men. These pills help improve erection and increase the endurance of the genitourinary system during sex. They improve the acuity of sexual sensations and are successfully used in the treatment of impotence on the background of severe physical fatigue, stress, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle.

Effect after using capsules

The action of the tablets occurs within 15 minutes after taking and remain effective for 6-7 hours. They dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and, also allow to realize 3-4 sexual intercourses with a duration of 30 to 80 minutes during this time.

Cialis Super Active

This potent drug for strengthening erection is great for men who have problems with sex against the background of fatigue and abuse of bad habits. This medicine helps to restore libido after stress and great physical exertion. It is successfully used in the treatment of impotence. It compacts the erection and increases the duration of sexual intercourse. Cialis Super Active from India significantly improves the quality of sexual life.

Package -mg

20 tablets
Price: $39.95
Per tablet: $2.00
40 tablets
Price: $59.95
Per tablet: $1.50
Viagra Soft 100mg × 4 pills for free!
60 tablets
Price: $84.95
Per tablet: $1.42
Viagra Soft 100mg × 4 pills for free!

Advantages of Cialis Super Active

Tadalafil helps to relax the muscles of the cavernous bodies in the penis and improve blood flow in the pelvic area. The presence of natural sexual stimulation contributes to the appearance of a stable natural erection. The duration of sexual intercourse after consuming the capsule increases, since ejaculation occurs later.

The effect of pills

The effect occurs 30-40 minutes after taking the drug already and lasts for thirty-six hours. It gives the opportunity to carry out during this time at least seven sexual acts, with a duration of each from 40 minutes.

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